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You make the dream of flight a reality!

Make Stem Fun With the Help of iFLY

Looking for a way to get your middle school students excited about learning? iFLY offers both in-person and virtual field trips with STEM activities and demonstrations tailored for students from grade 6 to 8. STEM activities for kids should be both educational and fun, and that’s exactly what iFLY delivers!

Witness Physics in Action at iFLY

iFLY’s STEM program is designed to give kids hands-on experience with science, technology, engineering and math principles and get them thinking about how these principles translate to the real world — and exciting STEM careers.

What to Expect

During virtual and in-person field trips, middle school students will watch flight instructors interacting with objects in the wind tunnel. They’ll also have a chance to predict how fast each object will fly, test their predictions, and discuss the results. Some of the STEM activities middle school kids will focus on include:

  • Understand the nature of fluids and how they exert force on solid objects.
  • Introduce free-body force diagrams.
  • Measure various objects to calculate the theoretical terminal velocity of each object.
  • Use algebraic thinking to understand proportional relationships.
  • Understand variability, uncertainty, and error in experimental results.

Resources for Teachers and Educators

Here’s everything you need to know about STEM field trips for middle school classes including how to prepare for the program, what to expect during the presentation, and how to reinforce everything your students will learn.   

Each PDF opens in a new window


Share this overview with parents and administrators.

Teacher’s Guide

Review a description of the field trip experience.

Standards Alignment

Determine where a field trip to iFLY fits into your curriculum.

Pre-Trip Presentation

Prepare your students for a fantastic experience.

Pre-Trip Presentation Script

Here’s a script to go with the slides.

Interactive Presentation Sample

See the slides our STEM educators use.

Lab Worksheet Sample

See what we’ll investigate in our hands-on lab.

Post-Trip Activities

Reinforce what your students learned.

Enriching Virtual Experience

A New Way to Learn About Stem

For schools that need a remote learning option, our virtual STEM program for middle school classes is adapted for digital learning with a highly trained STEM Educator to facilitate an interactive presentation complete with a hands-on experiment. In addition to learning about real-world STEM applications, students will complete a grade-level appropriate project designed to demonstrate how velocity is affected by factors such as an object’s weight and shape.   Virtual STEM program students will also receive a flight voucher that can be redeemed at their local tunnel.

Other Stem Program Levels


Explore how STEM applies to the real-world and the basics of conducting an experiment.

High School

Develop an understanding of how engineering principles apply to indoor skydiving technology.

Contact Us

Need to talk through how to plan a STEM field trip with one of our pros? Get in touch with our team to start the conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers to all your questions about how to book a flight package, the wind tunnel experience, and how to prepare for indoor skydiving.

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