Personalized training to accelerate your skills!

Certified coaches will help take your flight skills beyond what you thought was possible. Learn new moves, play games, prepare for competition, or simply get better at flying with friends and family.

Group Classes and Private Lessons Include:

  • Access to upgraded flight gear
  • Customized pre-flight briefing
  • Personalized in-the-wind instruction
  • Tailored post-flight debrief
  • Take-home coaching progression plan

Group Classes

Regularly scheduled classes throughout the week. Advanced booking is recommended.  Drop-in subject to availability.

Group Classes Include:

  • 1 hour of small group instruction
  • Group briefing session, warm up, and drills
  • Minimum of 5 minutes of individual flight time with personalized instruction
  • Shared flight opportunity with class members as part of skills progression
  • Video enabled debrief
  • Pro-style full-face helmet
  • All photo and video media

Private Lessons

Lessons scheduled at your convenience, any time except Saturday, 10am-5pm. Advanced booking is required.

Private Lessons Include:

  • 1 hour of private instruction
  • Private briefing session, warm up, and drills
  • 10 minutes of individual flight time with private instruction
  • Video enabled debrief
  • Pro-style full-face helmet
  • All photo and video media

Coaching Details

Why should I fly with a coach at iFLY?

The better you become at flying, the more fun you’ll have! Working a dedicated coach is the quickest way to improve your flight skills, putting you on the fast track to learning tricks, playing games, flying with friends or family, and even participating in competitions! 

Is this just for skydivers?

Definitely not! In fact, some of the best flyers in the world – iFLY sponsored athletes – learned all their flight skills at iFLY and have never been on a single skydive.

Why is the session an hour long?

Group classes and private lessons are carefully planned to maximize both skills improvement and fun! An hour-long session provides ample time for a warm-up, comprehensive briefing of new skills, a full debrief of the session, and, of course, FLYING. 

What's better for me – group classes or private lessons?

Both are a great way to have fun and get better at flying! Group classes offer a cost-effective opportunity to build skills and meet like-minded flyers of a similar level. Private lessons are the premiere experience in personalized coaching and rapid flight skills progression. 

Where can I learn more?

You can always call your local tunnel to learn more about the group class schedule, particular coaches, or anything else you want to know about flying! Or submit your questions to our team in the section below.

Working with a dedicated coach is the quickest way to take your flight skills to a new level.

Coaching available at select US iFLY locations.


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