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You make the dream of flight a reality!

Our Instructors Make the Impossible Possible.

At some age, we all dream of flying — perhaps as an eagle or a superhero, or maybe on a magic carpet. You can live that dream today.

Skydiving adult in a red iFLY skydiving suit holding a blue helmet

All Heroes Wear Flight Suits.

Red signifies strength, determination, courage, leadership and passion — the defining characteristic of each and every single iFLY instructor. For them, flying is a way of life.


They love to live in the air. In fact, some people quietly wonder whether or not they turn into bats at night. They imagine a future where it’s people who fly, not cars. That future is now. 

Adult male flying in tunnel with iFLY instructor giving directions on flying

Adult Coaching: Rise Up and Soar.

Every instructor’s dream is to share their passion and help people fly beyond their imagination.


Group Coaching Classes
Improve your skills with other flyers in a fun, inspiring group setting.


Personal Coaching Classes
Receive 1-on-1 personal instruction with an iFLY instructor will coach you during private lessons.

Woman flying in tunnel with her iFLY instructor pointing at her giving instructions

Youth Coaching: Kids Learn Flying Magic.

Your kids can learn to fly like a superhero at iFLY Flight School. This exciting youth program gives children and teens the chance to learn the rapidly growing sport of bodyflying.


They’ll enjoy one-on-one coaching from a certified, world-class flight instructor, build confidence as they learn to fly, and have fun meeting new friends.

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