Indoor Skydiving is Real Flying

You are the pilot. You are the plane. iFLY makes the dream of flight a reality.

Special Offers

Check out the special summer offers available to all types of flyers.

What to Expect

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know before you fly.

Plan an Event

Flying brings people together unlike any other event.

iFLY Makes the Impossible Possible.

Our expert instructors show you how to take off and fly in the most technologically advanced body flying tunnels in the world.   Whether you want to try something truly unique for a special occasion or start a new lifelong adventure in flying, we’ll make sure you fully experience the awesomeness of your dream of flight.

Prepare to Take Off.

Our instructors will help you enter the tunnel for takeoff and are with you every step of the way you master the dream of flying. Escape the ordinary and come fly with us.

Soar Higher.

The exhilaration of flying brings people back for many different reasons. It might be, defying gravity, achieving a thrilling new ability, or just an escape from the ordinary. Continuing to progress as a flyer, makes every one one of these great feelings, feel that much better.

Half Coach, Half Magician.

Flying is art + science and our instructors have mastered both the amazing airflow in our tunnels and the ability to help you experience flying in the way that best suits you.

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