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Do Not Call Request Form

Do Not Call List


iFLY is committed to respecting and protecting consumers’ rights to privacy. iFLY will on occasion use the telephone to confirm reservation details with customers as well as offer promotional opportunities ahead of a customer’s reservation. To comply with state and federal laws, it is the policy of iFLY that we will not make sales- related telephone calls to any person who has indicated they do not wish to receive such calls. This includes those who have registered with state or federal “Do Not Call lists,” as well as those who have previously told iFLY directly that they do not wish to receive such calls.


iFLY has established a written policy to honor consumers’ requests that they not be called, and appropriate personnel have received training. Procedures include consultation of the national and state Do Not Call Registries and internal Do Not Call list prior to making any telephone solicitation.


Consumers can request to be added to our internal Do Not Call list by adding your first name, last name and phone number in the fields below and submitting, by calling iFLY at (866) 960-1138, by email to, or in writing to:


iFLY Indoor Skydiving
Do Not Call List
13265 N US Hwy 183, Ste A

Austin, TX 78750


All requests should include your name, address, and telephone number. Once requested, your information will be added to the internal Do Not Call list within thirty (30) days of receipt of such request. Your telephone number will remain on our Do Not Call list for five (5) years. You must notify us of any changes in name or telephone number if you move or wish to place a new telephone number on our internal Do Not Call list. You must also notify us if there is more than one telephone number that you wish to place on the Do Not Call list.


Please keep in mind that regulations may permit iFLY to contact you even if your telephone number is registered with your state or the national list. One example of this is if you were a customer of iFLY in the past 18 months, we may contact you to share details of your upcoming reservation, even if your telephone number is on the state or national Do Not Call list. Generally, telephone calls to customers with whom iFLY has an established business relationship are permitted, unless they have asked to be placed on the internal Do Not Call list.

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