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For sales to count, you need to see this screen.
You make the dream of flight a reality!

We Choose to Fly.

We all choose to fly for our own reasons, but it always helps us feel alive. It’s impossible not to feel overcome with excitement when the air moves across your body like electricity.



California Residents click here to view the iFLY California Applicant Privacy Notice.


We collect personal information (PI) from you in connection with your application for employment with iFLY, including the following categories of PI: identifiers (e.g., name, address, email address), personal records (e.g., telephone number, education and employment history), professional or employment information (e.g., resumes, background check results, references), non-public education records and inferences drawn from your PI (e.g., profiles reflecting abilities and aptitudes and results of aptitude tests). We collect your PI for our purposes, including performing services and operations related to your potential employment. For additional details on iFLY’s compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act or if you have questions, contact us at

We’re All In, All The Time at iFLY.

We’re All In, All The Time at iFLY.

We’re the doers, dreamers and sometimes schemers who make it possible for people to fly.


Some of us at iFLY are instructors who are part coach, part magician. We like to live in the air. Some people quietly wonder whether or not we turn into bats at night.


We work in marketing, engineering, accounting, accountants, operations, IT and HR at headquarters.


We are people like general managers, sales managers and customer service representatives who have the luxury of calling a wind tunnel our “office.”

 All for One, One for Flight.

All for One, One for Flight.

We’ve been told by people that flying has changed their lives, and it’s changed ours too.


Every day we’re inspired by all types of people who choose to fly.   We celebrate when we watch athletes win competitions. We cheer when youth who are part of our Flight School program learn to fly. We’re moved emotionally anytime our All Abilities program helps anyone with physical and cognitive challenges spread their wings.


While everyone at iFLY comes from different walks of life, we challenge ourselves to learn, to grow and to progress together – both as flyers and people. We don’t just believe in the dream of flying. We live it every day.  


Join Us. Choose to fly.

* Please note that iFLY does not accept or read unsolicited resumes.

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