Earn Your Wings.

You’ll have a blast learning to fly. We’ll be by your side as you progress your skills and take your fun to new heights. You are the pilot and the plane!

The Basics

Stable Flying

As a beginner flyer, you’ll learn to maintain a stable flying position as you feel the rush of the wind keeping you suspended in the air…you’re Flying!

Flying Maneuvers

You’re now ready to begin adjusting your wings (your body!) to move around in the wind tunnel – turns, forward and back, sliding side to side, and up and down… You can do it!

Flying in 3 Dimensions

It’s time to put it all together! Explore the tunnel and the freedom of flying. You can even fly with friends or family members in the tunnel with you as well as play flying games that will both test and build your skills.

A New Perspective on Flying

Stable Back Flying

See the tunnel in a whole new way…literally! It’s time to take your skills to a new level and learn to fly on your back. You’ll set the foundation for continuing your flying abilities – including rolls and flips where you transition from your belly to your back.

Back Flying Maneuvers

Just like flying facing the wind, you’ll now learn to move about in the tunnel with the wind at your back. You’ll learn turns, forward and back, side to side, and up and down. You’re really getting good at this!

Transitions, Rolls & Flips

You’re now ready to have more fun than you ever thought was possible in the tunnel. Learn to transition from your back to your belly (and back again!) – barrel, rolls, head over feet transitions, and more! You’ll be addicted to the fun yet challenging new tricks you’re learning!

Fly Together

Competitive Flight

Did you know that you can participate in bodyflight competitions around the world?

Unreal Experiences

Whether you choose to fly with virtual reality or try one of our tunnel games, you won’t be bored.

Limitless Adventure

Get obsessed with the wind. Improve your skills over time to better your technique as a flyer.


A Fun Flying Program for Youth

This is the most exciting, most rewarding way for youth ages 4-16 to learn how to fly. All participants enjoy one-on-one coaching from a certified, world-class flight instructor and meet friends in an exciting group setting.


Learn to Fly from the Pros.

Our instructors are world-class athletes, obsessed with the sport of flying. They’re excited to fly with you and provide custom coaching to help you improve your flying.

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