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Special savings for the Armed Forces.

iFLY is proud to support the Armed Forces by offering special rates to military servicemen and servicewomen and their families. “Show Up and Fly” Discount Walk in and fly in any of our 30+ tunnels throughout the United States and receive a 10% Military discount for being in uniform or showing your Military ID. This discount applies to all introductory flight packages and is available to all branches of the military and family members. Military Ticketing Program You can also purchase a ticket to fly at any iFLY nationwide at your local MWR office. There are two types of tickets available:

Option 1

    • 2 Flights + 2 Videos
    • Valid: Monday-Friday
    • Price: $44
    • Savings: 44%


Option 2:

    • 2 Flights + 2 Videos
    • Valid Anytime
    • Price: $60.50
    • Savings: 20%

Both Tickets are valid for all Military members and their families through the Military Ticketing Program.

World-class training for the country’s elite.

iFLY is also proud to offer exclusive contracted rates to military units and special operations forces requiring accredited airborne training in a simulted setting. iFLY provides training for all military flyers:

  • Basic training to support military freefall accreditation.
  • Sustainment training for military freefall accredited jumpers.
  • Flight instructor training program accredited by the International Bodyflight Association.
  • Military specific flying with equipment coach course.
  • Training sessions can be longer and cover more advanced techniques including body flight, equipment flight, emergency procedures and instructor training.

A long-time partner to the U.S. Military

No matter your level, iFLY facilitates accredited training for all military flyers. U.S. military branches have been training at iFLY since our first tunnel opened in 1998. Our dedicated military program manager works to ensure we meet all requirements for basic, sustainment, and advanced free-fall training in a simulated environment. Our indoor state-of-the-art vertical wind tunnels provide several distinct benefits:

  • 24/7 access outside of normal business hours.
  • Over 30 locations throughout the United States.
  • Train at any location under a single contract.
  • Increased safety and cost effectiveness versus airborne maneuvers.
  • Controlled environment independent of weather factors.

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