All Abilities Night For Children or Adults with Physical Challenges| iFLY
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You make the dream of flight a reality!

Indoor Skydiving is Limitless and Inclusive.

We believe that regardless of physical or cognitive challenges, everyone should be given the opportunity to spread their wings.

Smiling disabled adults and children posing and getting ready to fly at iFLY

Define Your Own Abilities.

At iFLY, don’t believe the impossible isn’t possible. We believe in encouraging people to dream big and dream often.


We’re proud to empower people to soar beyond their own expectations. To make this possible for every single person, we invite people of All Abilities to indoor skydive.



  • The opportunity to indoor skydive for individuals who may have physical or cognitive challenges.
  • Proper accommodations based on specific challenges.
  • Additional assistance and attention during orientation, putting on a flight suit and helmet, etc.
  • A highly-trained, world-class iFLY instructor.
  • This Instructor personally guides All Abilities flyers through the indoor skydiving experience.


We welcome everyone to define who they are and what they can do.

Young child flying in the tunnel with his instructor helping alongside him

Who Can Indoor Skydive?


Traits of children or adults with physical challenges who can indoor skydive are:

  • Partial sight or blindness
  • Partial paralysis such as paraplegia or quadriplegia
  • Physical deformities and amputees
  • Those with limited mobility due to other reasons



Traits of children or adults with cognitive challenges who can indoor skydive are:

  • Neurodevelopmental disorders including ADHD, autism and learning disabilities. 
  • Neurologic disorders including cerebral palsy
  • Muscular dystrophies
  • Mental health disorders including anxiety, depression, OCD and PSD


Many iFLY locations host fun All Abilities nights. Request info to learn more!

“It was a great time at the All Abilties night! Thank you iFLY for supporting this community. Those who flew overcame fears and anxiety to accomplish goals. We cheer for YOU!”

– Brenda Wallingford



“Tonight was so amazing! The staff at iFLY truly care about our kids, they took their time and celebrated with us as our kids took flight.”

– Kiesha Gonzales-Carr

Event Features

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