Competitive Flying Requires Both Speed and Grace.

There are many ways to move throughout the air. Flyers may choose to compete in a style that requires more speed, more precision, or more creativity. 

Freestyle Flying

Considered to be the most ‘artistic’ styles, Freestyle is one of the most visually pleasing forms of flying.


Individual competitors use their imagination and creativity to design and perfect custom routines that are scored by judges. Freestyle is a lot like figure skating, freestyle skiing, or gymnastics.


Routines are typically 90 seconds long, accompanied by music, and consist of stylistic movements meant to WOW the crowd and judges.

Dynamic Flying

Dynamic combines speed, precision, and creativity in an exciting and engaging format for flyers and spectators alike.


This style of flying is like follow-the-leader. A team made up of either two or four flyers follow one another as they fly throughout the wind in the tunnel. Fastest time wins in dynamic flying.


Since this is a race against the clock, it requires teams to be as fast and precise as possible since mistakes are added to their final time.

Formation Skydiving (FS)

This is a style of flying that challenges flyers to perform various movements together.


Teammates fly together in the center of the wind tunnel and accumulate points by completing formations in a set order determined at the beginning of each round.


These formations, which have names, are created when teammates link themselves together by holding hands, arms, legs, and feet to form different shapes.

Vertical Formation Skydiving (VFS)

Similar to Formation Flying, VFS is a high-intensity style of flying based on how quickly teams can create various formations in the center of the wind tunnel.


The major distinction in Vertical Formation Flying is that teammates fly in two main vertical orientations: 1. Head up (feet to the ground) and 2. Head down (upside down).


Like Formation Flying, VFS is scored cumulatively, meaning the team with the most points at the end of all the rounds is the winner.

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