Learning That Blows Kids Away!

Our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) program uses our state-of-the-art vertical wind tunnel to inspire and educate students. Trained and reviewed STEM educators will guide your students through an interactive presentation, demos in the wind tunnel and grade-appropriate lab activities.  


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""What an engaging learning environments for my science students!""

-Christina Hamilton, Middle School Science Teacher

Each Field Trip is Comprised of Four Components:

  1. Interactive 'physics of flight' presentation on real-world application of STEM with wind tunnels.
  2. Vertical wind tunnel ball flight testing.
  3. Hands-on, creative student experiments.
  4. In-depth flight training and flight experience.

Field Trips Align with Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core K-12, and TEKS

Full Curriculum Molded by Teacher Focused Groups

More Than 60,000 Students and 3,000 Schools Have Participated

Over 30 State-of-the-Art Vertical Wind Tunnels Providing STEM Field Trips

STEM Field Trips Are Available in over 30 Locations around the United States

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any resources for Teachers?

Yes, please visit our STEM information pages sorted by grade level to access helpful field trip resources:

Elementary | Middle School | High School | College & Teacher

Can I explore iFLY before the field trip?

We routinely host STEM open houses to give teachers and educators an opportunity to learn more about our STEM program. Complete the form below to find out when the next open house is scheduled to occur or to arrange a visit.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on group size. Contact your local group manager to find out more. 

How long will the field trip take?

From start to finish, the field trip will take about 3 hours. This includes a lecture, demonstration, classroom experiment, and the flight experience.

Can all students participate?

Yes, we welcome anyone with physical or cognitive challenges to participate in our supportive and inclusive environment. 

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