iFLY Virginia Beach

Built in 2015    |    GEN6    |    14R4–4.5

Of course we love the ocean in Virginia Beach. But the call of the wind cannot be denied. Spread your wings in our wind tunnel and fly!

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Open 7 days a week

Mon– Thurs: 9:00AM–7:30PM

Fri–Sat: 9:00AM–9:30PM

Sun: 9:00AM–7:30PM

Soaring Birthday Parties in VA

Looking for a memorable birthday party idea? Celebrate your special day with indoor skydiving! At iFLY Virginia Beach, you and your guests will experience the thrill of bodyflight with the guidance of our highly trained, certified coaches in a unique party venue. We can help you plan a birthday party of any size for kids, teens and adults, with a wide variety of flight packages, event spaces and catering options. Book online today or contact the Virginia Beach team to plan an unforgettable event!

The Best Team Building Event in Virginia Beach

Share the excitement of a lifetime with co-workers as you all take flight in iFLY’s indoor skydiving wind tunnel. We have a thrilling venue where you can celebrate important company milestones, reward your team for meeting their goals or help them bond before a big project. iFLY Virginia Beach is the perfect choice for groups of all sizes, and we help you customize your corporate event to fit your needs with our dedicated space for conferences and meetings, variety of flight packages and catering options to meet any need. Contact us to schedule a event that will keep your team motivated long after they’re back on the ground!

Immersive STEM Field Trips in VA

Treat your students to an educational, enriching and fun STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) field trip to iFLY Virginia Beach. Trained STEM educators will lead your students through an interactive presentation, a bodyflight demonstration and grade-appropriate lab activities using our state-of-the-art vertical wind tunnel. This is no ordinary classroom or homeschool program, and the thrill of indoor skydiving will leave your students with a memorable, enriching day of STEM learning and a newfound appreciation for physics.

Build Your Kids’ Bodyflight Skills at Flight School

Adventure awaits at Flight School, an elite training program for youth flyers at iFLY Virginia Beach! Give the gift of flight to curious kids ages 4-16, and watch them soar in the air in a fun and safe group setting. Sessions are taught by experienced flight instructors who are highly trained in safety standards and certified by the International Bodyflight Association (IBA). In this exciting program, Flight School students feel the thrill of flight in our vertical wind tunnel, while they practice teamwork, discipline and leadership. At iFLY, we inspire students to fly!

L1FT Program

Want to become an International Bodyflight Association (IBA) Level 1 qualified flyer? Want to enhance Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) training progression and/or skydiving skills? Want to be a member of the coolest club in town? L1FT graduates are eligible to join the Virginia Beach Fly Club (VBFC) Membership Program and may purchase Experienced Flyer Packages, at considerable savings, at any iFLY tunnel throughout the world. The VBFC membership fee of $150.00 is waived for L1FT Course Graduates. The course includes: 24-minutes of tunnel time, Video of all flight time, Personalized Coaching, Complimentary G3 Helmet Rental, Completion within 30-days, IBA Level 1 Certificate Call us to book at (757) 754-4359

VBFC (Va Beach Flyers Club)

Initiation Fee: $150.00: *Waived if Level 1 Flight Training is purchased. Initial Account Purchase of an hour: $800.00 + Tax.


  • Member Time: $13.33/min = $800.00/hr + Tax; (compared to Standby Time: $16.25/min = $975.00/hr + Tax)
  • 10% off all First Time Flyer (FTF) Packages and block time for friends & family
  • 10% off Group Packages, 15% off retail items in the iFLY Va Beach Gift Shop
  • $50 off Coupon on a Tonfly Flight Suit via iFLY Va Beach
  • Access to Member’s Lounge, Access to Specials and Events exclusive to members throughout the year
  • Unlimited video

Call us to book at (757) 754-4359

Youth Indoor Skydiving League

Looking for a unique activity for your child? He/she has a chance to join our Youth Indoor Skydiving League! This league is for children ages 5 through 17 who want to participate in an amazing and new growing sport. Our instructor will work with each athlete on learning different styles of flying on the IBA progression chart while building relationships and having fun. The Youth Indoor Skydiving League consists of 13 sessions and meets every Wednesday night from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Space is limited, so please book early to guarantee a spot. Each Session Includes:

  • Minimum of 5 minutes of flight time
  • Flight gear (suit & helmet)
  • Video for each flight session
  • Personalized coaching from one of our top instructors
  • Flight games
  • Post season awards and showcase

Call us to book at (757) 754-4359

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