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For sales to count, you need to see this screen.
You make the dream of flight a reality!


  • Since 1998, we’ve had the pleasure of taking flight with nearly 10 Million flyers. Together we’ve celebrated birthdays and family nights, we’ve brought coworkers closer together, reunited old friends, and shared the dream of flight with those who never thought walking, nevertheless flying, was possible.

    Because of our flyers and team members, we’re taking additional safety measures so we can continue to share life’s great moments together.

Learn about our safety procedures:

iFLY’s Fresh Air Advantage

iFLY’s Fresh
Air Advantage

Tested and proven, our wind tunnels create an environment at least 10x fresher than the average store or gym when flying guests – even at slow wind speeds. Our advanced wind tunnel technology provides clean air while flying by recirculating and refreshing the air from outside our facilities.

Cleaning Procedures

Cleaning Procedures

Our facilities, including all surfaces, are cleaned and sanitized regularly. All gear including flight suits, helmets, head socks, and goggles are disinfected and cleaned after each use.

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