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  • Great value with savings over 20%.


How do I use my Perfect Holiday Gift voucher?

ALL vouchers are designed to be redeemed using our online reservation system. Redeem your voucher quickly and easily online by clicking here.


Are there any restrictions for using my Perfect Holiday Gift?

This is valid to fly Sunday-Friday. Not valid for Saturdays.


How do I access my photographs?

During your flight session the driver of our wind tunnel will be taking snaps of you mid-flight. Don’t forget to smile! You receive two photos as part of this package, and all photos can be viewed immediately after your flights. You can also access your photos online for up to 6 months following your flights. Please note, due to flyer’s movements we cannot guarantee the perfect photo but we’ll try our very best. You can also share your photos for free on Facebook. Find photographs from your flight session.


Looking for gifts for loved ones?

Great! iFLY has you covered. We offer a variety of gift vouchers to meet your needs, and also have gift cards available for those that are not sure exactly what package to get. Vouchers and gift cards never expire, so give the gift of flight today! All of our gift options are found by clicking here.


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