Flight objectives.

The iFLY STEM Program for Elementary School aims to instill the following in students:

  • Increase awareness of exciting STEM careers.
  • Learn how STEM is used in the real-world.
  • Understand the differences between solids and fluids.
  • Analyze the effects of different forces on an object.
  • Plan investigations and defining variables in an experiment.
  • Measure and record data, and interpret results.
  • Understand variability, uncertainty, and error in experimental results.

See the power of the wind.

Watch physics in action! Students will witness flight instructors interacting with objects in the wind tunnel. They will then discuss how the size, shape, and weight of an object affects its speed in the tunnel.

Think with parachutes.

In this classroom experiment, students plan and carry out an investigation about parachute flight performance. Using stopwatches, measuring tapes, and a scale, students will record data and share conclusions with the class.

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