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Start in the L1FT Program and Advance Quickly to become a member of the VBFC! (Virginia Beach Flyer’s Club)


(Level 1 Flight Training)
$499.95 + Tax

Want to become an International Bodyflight Association (IBA) Level 1 qualified flyer? Want to enhance Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) training progression and/or skydiving skills?
Want to be a member of the coolest club in town?


24-minutes of tunnel time

Video of all flight time

Personalized Coaching

Complimentary G3 Helmet Rental

Completion within 30-days

IBA Level 1 Certificate

L1FT graduates are eligible to join the Virginia Beach Fly Club (VBFC) Membership Program and may purchase Experienced Flyer Packages, at considerable savings, at any iFLY tunnel throughout the world. The VBFC membership fee of $199.95 is waived for L1FT Course Graduates.

VBFC (Va Beach Flyers Club)

Initiation Fee: $199.95 + Tax: *Waived if Level 1 Flight Training is purchased.

Initial Account Purchase: $800.00 + Tax


Member Time: $13.33/min = $800.00/hr + Tax; (compared to Standby Time: $16.25/min = $975.00/hr + Tax)

Member’s Time: Every Tuesday 7PM to 9PM

10% off all First Time Flyer (FTF) Packages for friends & family (Reserve up to 10-minutes of Member Time in the same block as a purchased and reserved FTF Package.)

10% off Group Packages

15% off retail items in the iFLY Va Beach Gift Shop

$50 off Coupon on a Tonfly Flight Suit via iFLY Va Beach

Access to Member’s Lounge

Unlimited video

Youth Indoor Skydiving League

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Membership Programs

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