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Fly Around the World

Feel a rush of adrenaline as you fly over some of the world’s most incredible destinations. Choose from virtual skydiving experiences in Dubai, Hawaii, Southern California, and the Swiss Alps.

Alpine BASE Jump

Bet you’ve never seen a view like this. Feel the wind in your veins when you fly over the Alpine mountains, and see what the world looks like from up high.

How to Train Your Dragon

Experience the blockbuster movie like never before! Fly like a dragon in virtual reality across the mythical Viking world of Berk alongside Toothless.


What is flying with VR like at iFLY?

Before experiencing VR flight, you’ll go through pre-flight training, then fly twice without VR to learn the basics of flying. Then, you’ll be ready to totally immerse yourself in a Virtual Reality flight.

  • An instructor will help you gearsuit up with a headset, and will guide you safely through your VR flight.
  • Participants must be between 6 to 70 years old and weigh less than 260 pounds.
  • Participants under age 12 are limited to one VR flight per day.
  • Please note that individuals with heart conditions, or who are prone to claustrophobia or motion sickness, should not fly with VR.

How do I book a VR flight?

You can book a VR Experience at iFLY by adding VR to select flying packages. VR experiences are available at all participating locations, and prices vary by location.

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