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You make the dream of flight a reality!

Fly Through Exotic Places in VR.

There’s only one way that indoor skydiving can get even more magical, and that’s if it you do it in virtual reality! Available at selection locations.

Young adult flying in tunnel with VR goggles on face while iFLY instructor helps him fly

What is Flying in Virtual Reality Like?

When you fly in virtual reality, you wear a special headset that plays a thrilling video of your choice: a virtual reality skydive or a virtual reality base jump!   As you watch the video, your iFLY instructor makes the experience feels ultra-real by guiding your body through the air.   THE VR EXPERIENCE

  • Before you fly, you’ll sit through a short orientation in a fun group setting.
  • Next you will get fitted for a flight suit and helmet.
  • Then you fly twice with an iFLY Instructor without VR to learn the basics of flying.
  • On your 3rd flight you fly through an amazing virtual reality experience of your choice.
  • Your Instructor stands by your side and personally guides you through the experience.

Booking an iFLY virtual reality experience is easy! Simply add it to your cart when booking online. Available at selection locations.

Two skydivers about to jump out of a plane

Skydive Around the World

Feel a rush of excitement as you skydive in virtual reality over some of the world’s most incredible destinations, like Hawaii, Dubai and the Swiss Alps. Available at selection locations.

Skydiver flying over Swiss Alps

BASE Jump Over the Alps.

See what the world looks like up above when you BASE Jump in virtual reality and soar over the gorgeous Alpine Mountains. Available at selection locations.

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