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You make the dream of flight a reality!

Get Ready to Soar Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.

There’s absolutely no other feeling in the world like indoor skydiving. Here’s what to expect from your experience at iFLY:

Smiling woman flying in tunnel while highfiving her iFLY instructor with both hands

Who Can Indoor Skydive?

You can. So can anyone you’d like to bring with you! We offer a safe, fun, and overall awesome experience for all flyers.



  • Kids, teens, adults and seniors.
  • Ages 3-103 (Seriously).
  • Ages 17 and below need a parent or guardian to sign their waiver.
  • Beginner flyers (No skill required)
  • People of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities.


You don’t need to be athlete or in the best shape of your life. Anyone can fly! Our world-class instructors are pros at making flying fun for everyone. 

Parents with three children smiling and posing in front of an indoor skydiving tunnel

What to Wear.

Wear casual, comfortable clothes – anything you’d wear on a normal day.


No need to change once you get here — you’ll put on your flight suit on top of what you wear to the tunnel.



  • Pants: Wear jeans or pants, just make sure they are not tight or restrictive.
  • Shorts:  Same as pants, make sure they’re comfortable.
  • Shirt: A comfortable short or long sleeve shirt is recommended.
  • Socks: Wear what you’d wear on an average day.
  • Shoes: We recommend lace-up, closed-toe shoes. No heels or sandals.


Make sure to  remove loose-hanging items, such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings, and hair accessories. Also, you should remove everything from your pockets prior to flying.

Door frame with iFly logo

When You Arrive.

Show up at your scheduled arrival time. When you walk in, a member of our Fight Crew will show you to a check-in kiosk and answer any questions that you may have.



  • Make sure your flight waiver is filled out when you check in.
  • Once your check-in is complete, you’ll receive your wristband.



  • Your world-class instructor will then take you through orientation.
  • Learn the basics of indoor skydiving in a fun group setting.


It’s that easy! Once you’ve, you’ll receive your flight suit and helmet, You’re ready to go!

Older man flying in an indoor skydiving tunnel with an iFLY instructor alongside him

What's It Like to Go Indoor Skydiving?

This is what you’ve been waiting for! Your instructor will show you to the tunnel and soon you’ll be flying right by their side. 



  • You’ll first take a seat next to your fellow flyers outside the tunnel.
  • Your instructor will show you to the doorway when it’s your turn.
  • He or she will help you gently lean into the wind. You won’t jump or fall.
  • Now you’re floating in the air – you’re indoor skydiving!
  • Your instructor will stand by you and guide you through the experience.
  • Each flyer in your group will fly two times.


Your iFLY experience, including check in, orientation and flying, will last over an hour. Want more time in the air? You’ll have the option to purchase additional flights.

Three kids giving iFly instructor thumbs up

Flying is Safe and Fun for Everyone.

Indoor skydiving is one of the most exciting experiences you’ll have in your life. It’s also a very safe activity.


In fact, safety is the most important part of indoor skydiving. That’s why the entire staff at iFLY is trained to make sure your experience is five stars.



  • Orientation: Before you fly, you’ll sit through short orientation and learn the basics of indoor skydiving.
  • Proper Gear: Your instructor will make sure your flight suit and helmet are the proper fit.
  • iFLY Instructors: Your highly-trained, world-class iFLY Instructor stands in the tunnel by your side and personally guides you through the experience.
  • Extra Attention: A 2nd iFLY Instructor observes you from outside the tunnel.
  • Extra Care for Kids: If kids are small enough, an iFLY Instructor will actually hold and personally carry them through the experience.


Like with many physical activities, iFLY recommends that those with back, neck, and heart issues first check with a doctor. iFLY discourages indoor skydiving for people with prior shoulder dislocations and women who are pregnant.

Two young children sitting down with their hands around each other at iFLY

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it like going skydiving, but indoors?
A: No, when you go skydiving, you jump and then fall several thousand feet. At iFLY, you don’t jump or fall, you fly gently on a cushion of controlled air.


Q: Who can fly?
A: You can. So can anyone you’d like to bring with you. We offer a safe and awesome experience for all flyers. Flyers can be as young as 3 years old. There is no upper age limit. Even people over 100 years-old have flown with us!


Q: Do you need any experience to fly at iFLY?
A: No experience is needed


Q: Does every person who visits iFLY have to fly?
A: Absolutely not, flying is optional. It’s not uncommon for a person who visits with a group to simply want to watch. Anyone who prefers to join the action as a spectator and not a flyer will still have the time of their life.

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