Our Wind Tunnels are Engineering Masterpieces.

Technology is our obsession. We build modern marvels that move air in a precise, sophisticated fashion that empowers you to fly. Is that art or science? We think it’s both.

How Does All This Work?

We invented the recirculating wind tunnel for bodyflight and continue to lead its innovation to allow us to deliver the dream of flight to everyone.


Four fans located in the optimal position for flow quality drive the air around a simple and efficient loop. 


The airflow is narrowed below the flying chamber to speed and smooth the flow for maximum enjoyment.

Innovation that Inspires People and Ideas.

Several decades ago, we created awesome technology that made it possible for humans to fly. When we opened our very first wind tunnel, we called it “Generation 1.”


Since then, we are constantly innovating to make our wind tunnels even more sophisticated. In fact, we’re already working on our Generation 9. All these advances in technology make it possible for us to deliver the smoothest smoothest flow of air that creates the most thrilling flying experience.


iFLY tunnels are progressively more eco-friendly too — they require less than a third of the power of a horizontal wind tunnel running at equal speed.

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