How it Works

As a hospitality influencer you’ll be rewarded for your efforts when you refer guests to your local iFLY. Registered concierge and guest services professionals can receive discount offers for their guests to experience the thrill of indoor skydiving.

Program Overview:

  • Your guests receive $10 off our signature introductory flight packages which include everything needed to experience the dream of flight.
  • A program specific promotional code will be provided and tied to the guest record and redemption process.
  • iFLY Is able to provide a commission for each paid flyer that is referred to the local iFLY location. The flight staff tea mare able to consolidate and audit program performance at the end of each month.

Program Materials

The following materials can be made available for your location to support promotional efforts:

Program Benefits:

  • Learn the latest news and events on everything iFLY
  • Receive commissions on a month to month basis
  • Receive commission faster through mobile payment application
  • Get the latest material and supporting materials
  • Receive complimentary iFLY pens and pads while supplies last

Click me to download your W9 form for attachment. 

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