February 6, 2020

Book our limited-time "Love is in the Air" flight package that includes four flights and two videos per couplet and fly head over heels this Valentine's Day.



Right now, we're featuring a limited-time special called the Love is in the Air Flight Package for 2 available February 5-21, 2021.


This limited time offer includes:

- 4 Flights Shared by 2 People
- 2 Video Clips from Flight Session
- Specialized Flight Gear Provided
- Pre-Flight Training
- One-on-One Flight Instruction
- Personalized Flight Certificate
- The Perfect Date Night Experience


Celebrate togetherness. Whether it's date night with your significant other, a first date with someone new, or a new adventure with a good friend, flying is a one-of-a-kind experience you'll both remember forever.

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Valentine’s Day is the one day during the year we celebrate love. Often times, gifts of chocolate boxes, balloons and roses come to mind, but not every couple celebrates their love this way. For some, the celebration lasts all year long, and they don’t celebrate their time together in the way you’d likely think. They go to iFLY together!

Babs and Bill

“In 2012 Bill brought home an iFLY voucher for first-time tunnel flyers. We both thought it sounded like loads of fun, but the idea remained on the "someday" list for long enough that Bill forgot about it.  I, however, did not, and secretly made us a reservation on his birthday that year.


Two minutes each in the tunnel and we were hooked. We began going to the Seattle iFLY almost weekly. I was a beginner, but am generally athletic and, with great coaching from the iFLY instructors, was eventually a steady enough flyer to go into the tunnel with Bill. He of course was good at it right away because of his years in the sky.




iFLY has ended up being a big part of our lives. We adore the friendly, professional staff, and have become good friends with some of the regular flyers. As an added bonus, Bill’s troublesome back has given him little trouble  since we began tunnel flying, mostly because of the strengthening of the core muscles, which happens quite naturally and without feeling like work.


We invite pretty much all our non-flyer friends to join us in the tunnel, and quite a few have accepted and enjoyed their one-time experience. For me and Bill, though, it is the continuity, the feeling of being part of a robust community, and the endless opportunity to keep improving our skills that keeps us coming back for more. We married late in our lives and pursue a lot of activities separately, so having tunnel flying to share is incredibly sweet and satisfying and has become a big feature in the landscape of our partnership.”


Julie and Jared

“Before I met Jared, I always knew I wanted to fly in the tunnel but never knew anyone in the sport. I purchased an iFLY voucher from Costco and even booked a time to fly but things fell through. Years later Jared and I met on Tinder. His tunnel and skydiving photo was part of why I swiped right. We met for dinner on a Saturday and the following week I flew in the tunnel for the first time. I was nervous and excited and was on cloud 9 after flying! What an incredible experience. I was hooked and Jared enjoyed showing off to his new date. 




That holiday season in 2017 we worked for iFLY as customer service reps at a local Costco selling iFLY vouchers. While it was long hours standing it was so much fun talking all day about flying. After our shifts we would often meet at iFLY and fly as much as possible. I learned to back fly and Jared continued to work on flying head down. The most fun was when Jared and I would get into the tunnel together. The smile on his face being able to share his passion with the one he loved was priceless. It’s still like that. We often go to the tunnel and love the atmosphere and the employees. In fact, after we had our daughter Madison, I was flying in the tunnel six weeks after my c-section. We brought Madison with as grandma watched her. now Madison loves watching us fly and she will wave at us while we fly. 


We often call it a date night when we go to the tunnel. What better date is there then flying in the air with the one you love! I’ve never once walked away from flying not feeling excited! To many, many more years of flying! Our next big adventure will be when our daughter is old enough to fly herself. While we won’t force her to do it, we will give her many opportunities to fly. I can’t wait to fly in the tunnel all three of us at once!"